Become a Restaurant Partner

My School Lunch is an outsourced Meal Deal fundraising service complete with a full online ordering platform that links schools, sporting clubs, churches and more with local restaurants to run a profitable Meal Deal. This approach not only benefits the organisation running the meal deal it also benefits your local business and keeping all of the money spent in your local community. We package together a meal deal unique to each organisation and then manage the entire process of running that Meal Deal so you don't have to!

We supply all of the marketing materials, help organisations advertise, handle all customer enquiries, online ordering, phone ordering, payment, issues, refund requests and most importantly making sure your organisation makes money. We communicate with your restaurant to make sure that everything arrives on time, food is fresh, safe to eat and most importantly, is delicious!


How It Works

Once you become a My School Lunch Supplier we work with Schools in your area to run Meal Deals as regularly as possible so that you can have an additional passive income stream for your business whilst also supporting your local community. 

  1. We Book a Meal Deal with a school local to your restaurant
  2. We Sell your products to school communities
  3. We ship you a label printer and labels
  4. You print all orders (already sorted into classes)
  5. You deliver all food at the agreed time
  6. You get paid within 14 days
  7. We pay the organisation running the Meal Deal a donation in the name of your restaurant